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high value
high impact
web design

Your web portal is the window through which you are viewed!

Web design is vastly more than the creation of a layout and supporting graphic elements. Your web portal is the window through which your customers, prospects and interested parties view your organisation.

Consequently, at the most fundamental level, it involves planning and assembling the right information, in the right quantity to produce a rewarding experience for the user.

For most web applications a user is seeking information. How that information is structured, located and presented provides a user experience.  If that experience is rewarding e.g. "I found what I wanted sooner than I thought" then the user forms a positive opinion of the organisation and is likely to become a customer.

And if the experience is unrewarding or negative the user is likely not only to not return but also to tell others not to bother.

Information assembly and organisation requires:

  • Purpose - what is the propose of the site?
  • Audience - who are the users of the site? 
    What level of detail do they require/desire?
  • Layout - the structure, order and layout of the pages?
High function
 web sites

Functionality is critical

A web site might have a number of technical challenges - complex programming elements such as an unusual secure ordering facility, a real time stock market feed and so on.

The functional aspects of your site must work.  It sounds obvious but how many times have you encountered a site where this is simply not the case?

A failure of functionality means not only a lost client (and the cost to fix) but also impacts on your business reputation. 

Net Age employs a series of Quality standards and methodologies to ensure your site functions as required.


Web design process


Customised high value, high impact web design

The web design comprises:

  • layout
  • corporate identity elements
  • data organisation
  • user experience mapping
  • ease of use
  • navigation

The objective is to provide your customers with a feeling of organised, efficiency - where information is easy to find and the site provides the level of detail required.   

Careful attention to the demographics and needs of your target market is the starting point for all professional web design.


Web design
Project Management

Implementation and development

Net Age has profound expertise in development methodologies and Project Management. 

We create a detailed project plan that details the Gantt chart, work breakdown structure and milestone schedule.  The exact content varies by client needs but common elements include:
  • scope
  • timing
  • cost
  • quality
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To explore your options for an outstanding web site solution that produces results please email, call (02) 4362 2662 or request a web site quotation.



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