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How much does a web site cost?


A simple notification web site or web page can cost as little as $100.

Most businesses are seeking to obtain an impressive online presence and that costs a little more.

The components that contribute to the cost of a web site are typically:

  • Functionality
  • Number of unique graphic images
  • e-commerce
  • Text copy requirements
  • Number of iterations

If you are seeking to minimise your costs for a web site then put the information you wish to feature on the site together in a package for the web designer.  The organisation of the information is a time intensive part of web design so help here will reduce cost.

How much does search engine optimisation cost?
Some search engine optimisation (SEO) will be provided with every Net Age developed site.  In our view it is part of the service.  The additional costs associated with SEO include:
  • Competitive keyword search
  • Analysis of text content and keyword density
  • Links from other sites
  • HTML components such as image tags
  • META data components for each page

To minimise costs for Search Optimisation clients should create carefully crafted copy that specifies exactly what they do for each section of the site.  Increasingly as search engines become smarter "Text is King"!

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